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Our Story

My love and passion for Ragdoll's is embedded in my life and soul.



 Happiness and comfort are having a Ragdoll in the home, they truly are companions to humans.

The picture to the left is my son as an infant, napping with our ragdolls. I must mention.....All pictures on this website are my pictures and the property of Mt Cheam ragdolls.

 My love for Ragdolls began when I was just a young child when my beloved Mother bought a Ragdoll home for me and my brother. We were pretty young, but I can still Rember how overjoyed us kids were the day my mom brought "Winston " home. 

At the time we also had a domestic short hair cat named "Puff", she was nice in all but her personality was of what most people think of when they think of a cat.

Our new cat had big blue eyes, fluffy soft hair and his color was equally matched, beautiful.

Now this cat was not just any cat but a Ragdoll cat.

not long later we were so amazed how awesome the ragdoll breed is that my mom got our family a second ragdoll!!


From growing up with these graceful creatures, I was captivated by their true loyalty, character, goofy behavior, and beauty.

The puppy cat!!

As an adult, married and now have 3 children of my own, I was again on the hunt for another ragdoll to be a part of my family to grow up with my children.

We found `Truffles` She was a Seal point Ragdoll, whom unfortunately I bought from a back yard breeder.


I must say that at first, my husband was not keen on her being a part of our family but as he discovered how incredible this breed of cat was, his opinion quickly changed.  

Truffles was always around, even when I had 25 people over for a Christmas dinner, this cat would hang out with everyone, like she was part of the party. She could even open-door handles and always greeted us at the door and provided endless entertainment and companionship to all of us in the house.

Tragically at a young age of only 1 year old Truffles suddenly passed away, she was previously diagnosed with stage 4/5 heart murmur and given that she had this preexisting condition it was determined that she went into cardiac arrest. 

From this emotionally tragic experience I learned just how important it was to buy from a reputable breeder.

A breeder that tests their animals for congenital diseases and be able to avoid the tragic loss of a beloved companion pet pass away from circumstances that could have been prevented had the breeder been a responsible and ethical breeder.


To ensure that my ragdolls are healthy, I test all my breeding cats for not just heart problems (HCM-rag) but also, kidneys disease, retinal disease, and enzyme disease.

From this I can ensure that my Ragdolls are congenitally healthy and most importantly the kittens I place with family's are in prefect health.


Often, people ask me why I breed Ragdolls, and I always say because, "I love the breed".

But what I love specifically about this breed is, I love their dog like behavior while being not so dependent like dogs.

The Ragdoll is a companion, a puppy cat, without the dog maintenance. 

I love that their fur is actually hair, making the texture extremely silky soft and they don't have an undercoat, so this prevents the hair from mating and no dander. I love their big bone structure and their trusting, silly and loyal personality's. I love t their Big blue eyes and their quiet voices. really I could go on all day about why this breed is so much loved and ranked #1 breed Internationally.​Every Ragdoll has a different character, they are certainly playful and play just like a regular kitten but also tend to chase their tails, carrying things in their mouths and are simple a companion type breed that follows your around the house, and really wants to be with their family. Ragdolls are a genuine friend. 

Having kittens in our home always is a joy for all of us. My kids especially get so much joy from having all our ragdolls in our home and as a bonus the ragdoll kittens are well socialized from my lively

An even though breeding sounds like so much fun it is quite the responsibility. We are tied to our home, I have even missed weddings because kittens where being born and I stay home with them to ensure momma has a safe delivery as well as each kitten born has no complications.

 I make sure all my cats are fed high quality food daily with fresh water, their litter is cleaned multiple times every day to keep hygiene (imagine how much poop I scoop)!!! ALOT!!


And more costly expense is spent on making sure my ragdolls have regular vet visits, deworming, shots, fecal tests, blood tests, flea treatment, DNA testing for color, diseases any money put away in case of an emergency with queen birthing which can cost thousands of dollars.

Breeding isn't done to make a profit but for the passion of what you do every day, while providing healthy ragdolls to family's who can emotionally invest in their cat, not worrying about and underlying health concerns.


Thank you for reading about just a small portion of "our story ". I tried to make it short, if I wrote everything, I could write a book.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to go to my contact me page where you are able to ask me anything you like.

I will try my best to get back to you within 48 hours.





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